Needs Analysis

Before beginning any project, the SMART SPACES team conducts a thorough needs analysis to learn just what it is you want to achieve within the space for years to come. We want to know how you’re currently using technology, what frustrates you and what it is that you want your space to do. Our conversation begins about your goals of standardization and creating a seamless integration within all areas of your business


Design & Standardization

Leveraging over 70 years of design experience and the skills of AV experts, interior design specialists and our trusted partners, we begin to design your space. Our team looks at acoustics, screen size and placement, microphones, camera placement, audio requirements, room controls, lighting controls and more. We also focus on things like how the space is divided and how people will work, relax and converse. The goal is to deliver a united experience all in one space.


Integration & Deployment

Once systems are selected, we pre-build, test, install and program for a standardized, easy-to-use deployment. The goal here is to give you a flexible platform that can be added to over time with minimum downtime and minimized expense.


Service and Training

Often the most difficult part of integrating new technology into a space, is ensuring that the new solution is easy to operate for everyone. By getting to know the capabilities of your users in step one of our process, the SMART SPACES team builds your solution with user-friendliness top of mind. Once installed, we train you and all users so that using the space is second nature. And should any users need a refresher or more attention, the SMART SPACES team works to ensure they are comfortable using the space.


Change Implementation

One of the key reasons SMART SPACES was created is because change is a given. Because of this, the Smart Spaces team remains on hand for technology updates, upgrades, space utilization changes and more.

Enjoy our process and ready to start your project?